About Me

So who is Ann Lund?

I’m a professional journalist with more than 20 years of practical experience.

Originally from Warwickshire in the UK (Shakespeare’s county and the home of Rugby Union) I now live in Queensland, Australia.

I have reported, produced and presented on radio and television for organisations such as the BBC in the UK, and the ABC in Australia.

I’m now a full-time university lecturer teaching journalism at the Queensland University of Technology.

My mantra these days is I’m a journalist who aims to inspire future journalists.

I’m passionate about my industry and a few other things too – so I hope my blog will reflect this.

This blog contains my own thoughts and opinions and reflects in no way the opinions of any of my employers past, present or future… just saying.

Oh yes, and I have an annoying habit of saying “just saying” quite a lot.

Please read and enjoy and if you want, have your say too.