What is it about people these days that makes them think it’s their absolute right to speed?

I’m no goody-two-shoes but for some reason I get that a speed limit is just that – a limit – deemed to be the fastest you can travel safely on a certain road, in normal conditions.

A few years back in New Zealand we saw numerous road signs saying “it’s not a target”.

But that’s not how most people treat speed limits.

Just about every time I get behind the wheel I’m chased down by some speed demon who thinks I’m in the wrong.

They tailgate, and drive right up my arse as though they’re trying to checkout exactly what it is I have in the boot.

You can feel their angst as this ‘idiot’ in front of them adheres to the law and drives to the speed limit.

“Goddamit what’s wrong with this woman!”

And it’s not just men that do this to me, no, women are just as bad.

Especially those with kids in the car with those dinky signs in their rear window boasting they have a Baby On Board. I only know this of course when they finally reach a point where they can overtake me by breaking the speed limit.

I don’t know how many drivers I have ‘saved’ from a speed camera because they are trapped behind me and as I trundle past the camera they too are held to the speed limit and avoid a fine and demerit points.

They certainly never bother to flag me down and thank me.

As I said I’m not perfect, but the only speeding offence I’ve had to date was one Sunday when I first moved to Australia and I was expecting a phone call from my now husband.

I was still driving on a British licence at the time, so while I copped a fine – I didn’t lose any points.

But what really gets my goat is how angry drivers get about speed limits and cameras etc because they see it as revenue raising by the government.

OK Einstein don’t speed and they don’t get any revenue. It’s a no-brainer to me.

A senior member of Queensland Police described it perfectly:

“It’s a voluntary contribution scheme.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Just saying.